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Mouli Pal [Schedule]

Boston based Odissi exponent Mouli Pal is considered an enchantress on stage due to her breathtakingly captivating performances radiating with lyrical grace and intensity of emotions. With numerous solo concerts to her credit, she is also a dedicated teacher, competent director, emerging choreographer and a passionate proponent of the dance form.

Mouli received intensive training under the personal tutelage of the legendary Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, the undisputed master and architect of Odissi who revived and stylized the dance form into its present intricate and elegant form.

Raised in Kolkata, Mouli frequently travelled to Orissa to study under the maestro and closely observed him choreograph masterpieces, groom renowned dancers, mesmerize audiences and ultimately emerge as a humble and compassionate individual of high moral values and deep spiritual devotion. These inspired interactions had a profound impact on Mouli and influenced her unique artistry. Guruji introduced and accompanied Mouli at her Manchapravesh (debut concert) in 1997 at Kolkata and later continued to support and encourage her efforts till his sad demise in 2004.

Mouli has also been guided by leading dancers and committed teachers. Eminent dancer Dipanwita Roy of Kolkata initiated her into Odissi while the illustrious Guru Rathikant Mohapatra, refined her finesse and techniques.

The desire to promote Odissi in North America prompted Mouli to form "Upasana" a Not For Profit Organization that brings together artists and connoisseurs through concerts, enrichment programs and fund raisers. The organization has been applauded for its efforts in preserving the art form through intensive classes, workshops, summer camp and college scholarship programs.

Mouli is also a highly qualified finance professional with a Master of Science in Finance degree from Suffolk University and was awarded "Outstanding Student of the Year Award" for academic excellence. She passed all three Levels of the extremely challenging and prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst program of the CFA Institute. She has several years of experience in the Accounting and Investment Management industry and served as an adjunct faculty of finance at Merrimack College.


Invited by Wellesley College to present a rarely experienced Odissi Concert with live music. A major milestone for Mouli, she assembled and directed an all American home grown ensemble that performed to a full hall with rounds of applause and standing ovation.

Pioneered imparting Classical dance training to children as young as 3 years through interactive and engaging approaches designed to intrigue young minds.

An innovative and versatile choreographer she has given visual form to poetries, devotional songs, world music and concepts around nature that has been well received by audiences

Mouli regularly supports fundraising efforts of Charitable and Cultural Organizations such as Akshaya Patra Foundation, AID Boston, We For Hope, We Care Charity, MITHAS, Shankara Cancer Foundation and Boston Pledge.