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Gopika Narula [Schedule]

Gopika Narula is an artist with a passion for real flowers and leaves. All her creations are an effort to preserve their beauty. For the last many years Gopika has been creating paintings and art work using pressed real flowers, acrylics, water colors and mixed media .

All of her creations are touched by Mother Nature in a special way. She also likes to paint Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life. Her art work has been a part of many Solo and Group Art Shows and has been appreciated with quite a few awards- Second prize in "Lowell Art Walk 2007," First prize award in mixed media in the Fourth of July art show 2007, and Honorable mention award in mixed media category in the Fourth of July art show 2008 and others...
Gopika is also involved with Theater and loves to act. She has been acting in plays from last few years in addition to helping with designing promotional material as well as helping out in other areas of organizing the events.

Art has been a big part of Gopika's life. She started learning Art when she was a teenager. She attributes her passion to her mom, who is a very talented artist and her teacher.While growing up, seeing her mom paint, created a deep connection with Art.

Gopika started Art Exhibitions in the United States in 2001. Her artwork has been a part of many Solo and Group Art Shows.
Her Art Work has also been a part of "Doors Unhinged!" supporting Doors Open Lowell and art community. she also worked with the Revolving Museum, Lowell.

She has been actively involved with different Art Organizations like ALL and Chelmsford Art Society and is a Board Member.

From last few years she has been teaching Art classes at different locations. She teaches Art classes for kids as well as adults.

"Art is everywhere ...we are surrounded by Art. All we need is to stop and appreciate Art in our daily life. I believe Art is therapeutic. With the kind of lifestyle and hectic schedules we all have, art can help us slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. Each one of us is creative in our own way. Art in different forms brings people together and nurtures their souls" - Gopika